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July, 2012
OPEN meter: The Project Closure

The OPEN meter project finalized its work during the second half of 2011.

The project has been considered a success story by the European Commission, that provided OPEN meter project the highest possible qualification after its final review, carried out in Brussels in October 2011.

The project partnership and the project coordinator are also highly satisfied with the project outcome and the results achieved. The contributions that OPEN meter has made to the standardization of Smart Metering technologies in Europe is considered highly relevant and of the highest value.

Fro this reason, the consortium is committed to maintain the project results publicly available through this website at least until mid 2013. These results can be accessed in the project deliverables area in this website.

Kind regards from the OPEN meter consortium to the whole European smart metering community!

June, 2011
OPEN meter: The final conference.

The Final conference of the European OPEN meter project, a key dissemination event, has been held in the CEN/CENELEC Meeting Centre in Brussels, Belgium on the 16th June 2011.

OPEN meter is reaching the end of its work, and coinciding with the publication of the last OPEN meter results and deliverables, the final conference has been celebrated. This event is the last OPEN meter event, in which the project results have been presented to the audience, including the technologies proposed by the OPEN meter project for standardization.

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16th June, 2011
OPEN meter last deliverables published.

OPEN meter consortium has recently released the last set of deliverables which complete the project outcomes offered by the OPEN meter consortium to any interested stakeholder.
The deliverables are already available in our deliverables area in this website.

23rd December, 2010
Amendments to OPEN meter deliverables D2.1, D2.2 and D2.3 published.

As explained in the companion note of the original deliverables D2.1, D2.2 and D2.3, the OPEN meter consortium has recently released amendments (as separate documents) to those deliverables, so that they incorporate different technologies that have been made open and public after the publication of the original D2.1, D2.2 and D2.3 documents.

The different amendments to deliverables can be found in our deliverables area in this website, together with the original documents .

23rd December, 2010
OPEN meter deliverable D4.1 version 2 published.

OPEN merter consortium has recently released a new version of deliverable D4.1 DEFINITION OF TEST PROCEDURES, due to the incorporation of additional technologies to the deliverable.

The D4.1 Version 1 document has been used to perform the first tests within the project, but it will be replaced by D4.1 version 2 for future tests.

The two different versions of the deliverable are available in our deliverables area in this website.

February, 2010
OPEN meter: The second workshop

The second workshop of the European OPEN meter project, a key dissemination event, has been held in the CEN/CENELEC Meeting Centre in Brussels, Belgium on the 4th February 2010.

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December, 2009
OPEN meter project presented at Metering, Billing/ CRM Europe 2009 in Barcelona

The "Metering, Billing/ CRM Europe" conference and exhibition is a great gathering – an “Agora” – of experts from all branches of the metering industry, attracting more and more visitors each year. At the conference sessions, at the exhibition booths and during the networking opportunities the latest achievements are presented and the most relevant and pressing issues are discussed and debated.

This year, the hottest issue was probably smart metering, also the subject matter of the European OPEN meter project. It is for this reason that most of the 19 consortium members of the project have been participating at the event.

The presentation of the OPEN meter project took place right in the first in-depth session following immediately the presentation about the European smart metering standardization mandate M/441, to which the OPEN meter project is an invited partner. The presentation was given by Mr. Nicolas Arcauz, Project Coordinator, Iberdrola and Mrs. Gisele Widdershoven, Technical coordinator, KEMA and it has drawn a lot of attention. In addition, project participants were also providing information to those interested.

The presentation outlined the objectives of the project, and gave an overview of the project, the content and the state of each of the six work packages, and the deliverables already available.

As summarized by the presenters, the OPEN meter project results are expected to reshape the smart metering landscape for the benefit of those who are willing to take them.

July, 2009
First OPEN Meter project workshop held at CEN/CENELEC Meeting Centre in Brussels

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July, 2009
OPEN meter in Metering International magazine: "Shaping the future of Smart Metering: The Open Meter European project"

The OPEN meter project has recently appeared in Metering International magazine(download PDF full article).

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May, 2009
OPEN meter project included in the standardization mandate M/441 issued by the European Commission

The Standardization mandate M/441 (available here), issued on 12th March 2009 by the European Commission to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, in the field of measuring instruments for the development of an open architecture for utility meters involving communication protocols enabling interoperability, is a major development in shaping the future European standards for smart metering and Advanced Metering Infrastructures.

As stipulated by the Mandate, the OPEN meter project consortium has been invited to take part in the standardization work.

The OPEN meter project consortium accepts this invitation with pleasure, as the objectives of the project - that is the development of a new, coherent set of standards based on already existing, open standards and emerging technologies, to support the needs of smart metering and Advanced Metering Infrastructures - are fully in line with the tasks set by the Standardization Mandate.

The OPEN meter project consortium is looking forward to a strong contribution to the execution of the Mandate, using the synergies between the work program of the project and the expected work program for executing the Mandate.

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March, 2009
OPEN meter project initiated its work last January 2009, coordinated by Iberdrola

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